What to Expect From the Real Estate Market in Forest Hills School District

What to Expect From the Real Estate Market in Forest Hills School District

  • Cheryl Grant
  • 02/23/22

The Forest Hills Public School District is a large draw for Grand Rapids newcomers not only because of the excellent education offered but because it offers a more rural setting next to a major urban center.

Three areas are located within the District — Cascade, Ada and Grand Rapids Township — and each is known for its luxurious homes on tree-lined streets surrounded by plenty of green space that give it a somewhat rural feel.

People moving to these suburbs will find the cost of living is somewhat higher than throughout other Grand Rapids communities, but many people are willing to pay the steeper cost for the outstanding quality of life.

People who live in the Forest Hills School District often describe their neighbors as being community-oriented and the kind of place where people look after each other. If you’re considering moving to Cascade, Ada, or Grand Rapids Township for the benefit of enrolling your students in the Forest Hills Public School District or are looking to sell your current property to upgrade, here are a few things about the real estate market you should know. 

What the market means for sellers

If you plan to join the other people listing homes for sale in Forest Hills Public School District, the market should generally favor you. While you can eagerly anticipate selling your home for a great price, you still need to go into it with an understanding of the general process.

Although it’s a seller’s market, owners still need to make their homes stand out above others on the market. If your home has that “wow” factor that makes buyers fall in love with it, you stand a good chance of attracting multiple offers at or even above the listing price.

So how can you go about doing that? Getting your home ready to sell involves making any necessary repairs and then freshening up the home’s appearance both inside and out. Remove as much clutter as possible and arrange the furniture so potential buyers can move easily through the home during private showings and open houses. This will allow them the chance to envision what it would be like if they lived there with their own furnishings and favorite décor.

Don’t forget about the exterior. In fact, you might want to start there to make sure your home’s curb appeal is top-notch. Buyers begin forming an opinion of a home the minute they pull up to the curb, so make sure the landscaping is in great shape, the front door is freshly painted and all personal belongings and decorations have been removed.

What the market means for buyers

Once you’ve hired an agent to help you in your search, sit down and explain exactly what you’re looking for in terms of the floor plan, style, and proximity to your office, schools, shopping, and dining. This is just one area where your agent can shine, as he or she will match up your needs and wants with suitable properties.

Also, don’t be daunted by home prices. While the median price of homes in these communities may seem high, there are many properties available below that price. If you get frustrated because the houses you are viewing seem too expensive, reset your expectations and have your agent locate homes with lower prices.

One remaining advantage for buyers is the current low mortgage interest rates, which will help offset higher home prices. Real estate experts are advising buyers to get into the market now in order to avoid further price increases and begin enjoying the tax advantages of homeownership.

The importance of using an agent 

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell in the coming months, one thing you will want to do is hire a qualified real estate professional to assist you every step of the way

You’ll want an established agent who knows the market, the recent trends and the successful strategies for either selling your home or buying your new home or both.  Let Cheryl Grant put her extensive local knowledge to work for you.

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