4 Design Trends to Try in Your East Grand Rapids Home

4 Design Trends to Try in Your East Grand Rapids Home

  • Cheryl Grant
  • 04/9/22

East Grand Rapids in Michigan is a gorgeous destination with abundant views of nature, a genuine sense of community, and lots of activities to keep yourself busy. East Grand Rapids is a small city in Kent County, Mich., which was even voted in 2019 as the “Best City to Live in Michigan.” Grand Rapids real estate has increased in value over the past years. Cheryl Grant Real Estate Team is a sophisticated and hard-working group in Michigan that buys and sells properties in neighborhoods like East Grand Rapids, Forest Hills, Rockford, Lakeshore, and Kentwood.

Homes for sale in Grand Rapids are typically on the market for only a week, making it one of the most popular markets in the country. Downtown Grand Rapids is considered one of the most expensive neighborhoods around, and East Grand Rapids offers some of the best school systems.

Most East Grand Rapids property sites are owned as opposed to rented. It makes sense when you consider all of the amenities that this rural town has to offer, like bars, coffee shops, and parks. No wonder it is one of the most sought-after places to live! When looking for the right house for you and your loved ones, Cheryl Grant is the realtor to have. With her extensive knowledge of Michigan’s markets and stellar reputation, she will have you in the home of your dreams in no time.

And once you get that dream home, the first thing you should think about is how to make it your own. The best way to leave your imprint on your house is through its interior. Make your East Grand Rapids house stand out as an original (even if it isn’t) using interior design trends. Cheryl Grant Real Estate Team has put together a cohesive list of design trends you should try in your East Grand Rapids Home that can make your property stand out like no other. 

Design trends for your East Grand Rapids home

Nature-inspired design

East Grand Rapids is a place surrounded by nature. What makes that so appealing for homeowners is the natural beauty of nearby lakes and forestry. For a true-to-home design that encapsulates Michigan’s best, try out some nature-inspired designs. You could put floral-themed wallpaper in one of your rooms or use stone textures for your kitchen table. Another way to incorporate nature into your space is by having different plants or flowers around the house. You could also include a natural theme in your décor by using earth-toned colors like brown and light olive green. If you want to truly embrace nature, try out some sustainable choices in your home, like using eco-paints, which are less toxic to manufacture. You could even make space for excess windows to allow that natural sunlight to enter. Mother Nature is the biggest muse of 2022.

Mix and match

Mixing and matching layers of designs are a hot trend of the year. Wondering about ways to incorporate various designs? Do not be afraid to play around with textures, colors, and shapes. Layer rugs on top of each other, buy pillows with different patterns on them or use different shades of one color to bring out the shape of a room. It is very trendy these days to incorporate different art styles into your home. Have one room follow a minimalistic, 21st Century look while the other can go for an antique vibe. A modern yet traditional collection is eye-catching.

Curved furniture

Curved furniture is currently super chic and offers a change from the typical sharp-edged objects. This 1980s-inspired trend is coming back in full force and is great to incorporate when you are staging your East Grand Rapids property for sale. When thinking of curved pieces to include, you can really do anything. Look at desks, chairs, canopies, or even curved archways that do this trend justice. This particular design trend is a great way for any homeowner to play around with style without doing anything too out of their comfort zone. For those who are art lovers, curved furniture can offer a way to cultivate an artistic expression. 


Grand Rapids is a place full of art. What better way to acknowledge the roots of your town than to design your house with artistic flairs such as paintings, bold wallpaper prints, and décor like 3D art or quirky objects? To make your house your own, be sure to find art that is personal, such as by including your favorite artists or art styles. Another way to be whimsical is to use Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year, “Very Peri,” which is a stunning shade of purple.

When considering buying or selling a house in Grand Rapids, Mich., look into your area’s market. Forest Hills real estate and Rockford real estate are both incredibly competitive markets that often sell above list price. Lakeshore real estate is not as competitive, while Kentwood real estate is considered the most competitive of all the markets. In any of these towns, it is likely for a house to go fast or even get multiple offers. That is why the design of a house is so important. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, when someone walks into a house, what they see first says a lot about a house. Not just about what it currently looks like, but what it could eventually be. A homeowner’s design of a house can allow an interested buyer to envision how they could make the house their own through opposite or similar designs. There is no doubt that many who are looking at homes in East Grand Rapids are art admirers and can appreciate a space that is original. While these four designs mentioned are some of the most popular trends of 2022, there are still more out there to help you make your house your own. 

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